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Fall Flourish: A Snapshot of the September and October 2023 Real Estate Market in Mt. Dora & Eustis

As the autumn leaves try to peek through in Central Florida, the real estate market in Mount Dora and Eustis has been experiencing its own colorful transformations throughout September and October 2023. Let's dive into the key trends that have defined these vibrant months.

Mount Dora: Where Old-World Charm Meets Modern Demand

1. Median Home Prices: In September, Mount Dora saw a slight uptick in median home prices, rising by 4.3% compared to the previous month. October is expected to continue this trend with an estimated 2% increase, showcasing sustained demand for the town's unique blend of quaint small town with booming festivals and a growing economy. (NAR RPR)

2. Inventory Dynamics: While inventory levels dipped slightly in September, indicating a competitive market, so far this fall, we've seen a 18.7% year-over-year increase in available for sale homes, providing buyers with a broader range of choices. This is a win! (Sunstats)

Eustis: A Hidden Gem Shining Bright

1. List to Sale Price: Eustis boasts an impressive list-to-sale percentage of 98.41%, highlighting the robust and competitive nature of its real estate market. Such a strong list-to-sale performance indicates a healthy demand for properties in Eustis, with buyers willing to meet sellers at or close to their asking prices. (NAR RPR)

2. Fewer Days on Market: The median days on market is 32, showcasing a quick turnaround time for properties in Eustis. This is great news for sellers who are looking to make a move and capitalize on the current market conditions! (NAR RPR)

Conclusion: A Harvest of Opportunities

As we say goodbye to pumpkins and hello to peppermints, the real estate landscapes of Mount Dora and Eustis continue to show promise for both homebuyers and investors alike. Whether it's the timeless charm of Mount Dora or the affordability of Eustis, Central Florida's real estate market is ripe with potential for those looking to turn over a new leaf this season!

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